Integrations 3D With my Photos

General / 17 February 2021

Hello, I want to share with you my first 3d integrations with my photos. It's test for fun. Hope you Like it. I will try to do more interestings things later.

model :

all the background behing the sidewalk. Yeah the windows are bad.. ^^

more photos here :

# 03 . Cyberpunk Art Challenge - " Captain 's Apartment "

Work In Progress / 04 March 2020

For the really first time I switched on Unreal for this project :) I will learn a lot for sure !

Here my first blockout inside the engine with ultra dynamic sky asset 

The captain is outside, explosions at the entrance to the city gave the alarm !

The city will light up, but first need to find somes shapes for the skyline and more concepts.

# 02 . Cyberpunk Art Challenge - " Captain 's Apartment "

Work In Progress / 20 February 2020

Tonight I drew some concept that I imagined during my day job ! 

# 01 Reboot . Cyberpunk Art Challenge - "Captain View"

General / 20 February 2020

Hey I changed my concept in my mind, it was not too cyberpunk, cyberpunk need lot of technology and pessimist view.

In my lunch time, I quickly make a composition in 40min. 

We're going to be inside a security captain's apartment with a big view I think ! 

Next step tonight : 

 The Control Station & the life little flat


# 01 . Cyberpunk Art Challenge - "City Gate"

Work In Progress / 20 February 2020


Hum sorry for my english 

Hello Artstation World ! What a welcome challenge ! I like so much sci-fi, so despite my work deadlines I will take advantage of this new deadline in my life to create an environment game that I would like to work more often !

First, I chose to make and integrate a spaceship from a French graphic novel Bolchoï Arena by Boulet and illustrated by Aseyn :  the scarab-91. I'm going to adapt it a bit to my style.

This will serve me as a subject for the scene. I would like to create a Gate at the entrance of the city for spaceships. Indeed, it is not allowed to fly over the city with a flying device in this "world".

I want blue and yellow color,  lot of sand at the exterior of the city ( less water in the future ? ) and  a big wall with lots of different doors, cables and technology to enter the city with the spaceship waiting to park in an automatic way on the ground.

By night with artificial light and  a light mood 

So I need :

- Sands 

- Wall with doors 

- Pipes entering the city

- Control Post

- A spaceship 

-  Spaceport Lights

- City Background

- Little Vegetation

After this idea, I arranged a moodboard with the colors and idea in my mind : 

Beginning of the spaceship ( from Bolchoï Arena )

Quicky Octane render

I will render with Unity at the end.

See you soon ! for I think a grayboxing :)